Driving License Test Questions and Answers in English in India

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Checkout the complete list of Driving License test question and answer in India. These list of question and answer consists total 212 questions with their answer all the question during driving license test are objective type and you have to choose the correct answer out of these questions.

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Q. 1 Near a pedestrian crossing, when the pedestrians are waiting to cross the road, you should
· Sound horn and proceed
· Slow down, sound horn and pass
· Stop the vehicle and wait till the pedestrians cross the road and then proceed
ANS: 3

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Q. 2 The following sign represents.
stop-sign· Stop
· No parking
· Hospital ahead

ANS: 1

Q. 3 You are approaching a narrow bridge, another vehicle is about to enter the bridge from opposite side you
· Increase the speed and try to cross the bridge as fast as possible
· Put on the head light and pass the bridge
· Wait till the other vehicle crosses the bridge and then proceed
ANS: 3

Q. 4 The following sign represents..

· Keep left
· There is no road to the left
· Compulsory turn left

ANS: 3

Q. 5 When a vehicle is involved in an accident causing injury to any person
· Take the vehicle to the nearest police station and report the accident
· Stop the vehicle and report to the police station
· Take all reasonable steps to secure medical attention to the injured and report to the nearestpolice
station within 24 hours
ANS: 3

Q. 6 The following sign represents…


· Give way
· Hospital ahead
· Traffic island ahead

ANS: 1

Q. 7 On a road designated as one way
· Parking is prohibited
· Overtaking is prohibited
· Should not drive in reverse gear
ANS: 3

Q. 8 The following sign represents.

· No entry
· One way
· Speed limit ends

ANS: 2

Q. 9 You can overtake a vehicle in front
· Through the right side of that vehicle
· Through the left side
· Through the left side, if the road is wide
ANS: 1

Q. 10 The following sign represents.


· Right turn prohibited
· Sharp curve to the right
· U-turn prohibited

ANS: 3

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  1. My LLR got expired in 2013 and I did not get a driving License. I am trying to apply for a permanent license now, is it possible that with the hard copy of expired LLR I can apply or I have to go for new LLR?

    How much they will charge for late application?

    What is the next procedure for me. Can some one please help me….

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